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Full basket icons - Free icon. (0.13 MB) . for free download Full basket icon in Financial. Available size : 256x256,128x128,96x96,72x72,64x64,48x48,32x32,16x16 in png format. Tags: Financial,full,shopping,shoppingcart,cart,buy,basket
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Icon Constructor - advanced icon creator 3.54 - Icon Constructor is an advanced icon creator,it converts all image formats into Windows icons. It supports Windows XP icons in 32-bit color depth with an alpha channel. This robust program works like the Swiss Army knife of icon creation!
Icon Constructor - advanced icon creator - Icon Constructor converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIFF formats into icons
Icon Constructor - advanced icon creator 3.54
Icon Constructor is an advanced icon creator, it converts all image formats into Windows icons. It supports Windows XP icons in 32-bit color depth with an alpha channel. This robust program works like the Swiss Army knife of icon creation!
Free Software Downloads \ Graphic Apps \ Icon Tools \ Icon Constructor - advanced icon creator
Icon Constructor converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA and TIFF formats into Windows icons. You can find many images on the Internet and convert them to icons for use on your Windows desktop, in applications and much more. It supports Windows XP icons in 32-bit color depth with an alpha channel; now you can create semi-transparent XP icons easily. With just a few clicks, any image you find on the Internet or create in a paint program can be turned into an icon.
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Zennaware В» Blog » 2011 » January
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January 17, 2011
Release Notes for 2.0.4
Filed under: Cornerstone,Release Notes — Administrator @ 6:44 am
2.0.4 is a maintenance release which solves issues uncovered since the release of 2.0.
2.0.4 is a recommended update for all users running 2.0.
Resolved Issues
Fixed a couple of minor memory leaks
Cornerstone should keep track of the user’s last selected file repository compatibility setting
The revision indicator in the repository browser’s status bar is not wide enough to accommodate 7-figure revision numbers
Revisions displayed for cherry picking should be filtered based on the value in the “Merge from” field instead of displaying all revisions in the repository
Cornerstone occasionally displays an alert with the text “An unexpected error occurred” after enabling annotations in the compare view
Clicking “Merge Changes” in the merge view should cancel the running merge pre
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Icon Editor for Windows PC
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Icon Editor for Windows PC
April 5th, 2011Icon lover is a powerful icon editor that can be used to edit icons. This icon maker is very efficient at creating Windows icon. Discussed here are some of the features of this tool and what it can do to improve the quality of the icons that you design.
More from - News about New Icons100 Most Recent EntriesMilitary Icon Set for Games, Web Sites, and Weapon Collector Portals 11 Apr 6Site with nice and free icons 11 Apr 6Custom Icons - replace default Windows icons and customize your desktop 11 Apr 6West Texas Dig (BETA) - Search 11 Apr 6Holidays Of The Year - - Save Thousands on Designer Services! 11 Apr 6PR: More Than 777 Stock Icons! 11 Apr 6Corporate 11 Apr 6Gaelic Storm - Slim Jim And The Seven Eleven Girl Lyrics 11 Apr 6Icon Editor for Windows PC 11 Apr 5Windows 7 Review - PCWorld 11 Apr 5Buy, Windows 7, Features, Downloads 11 Apr 11 Apr 5Business Process Excellence: Improve Business Process Faster with Software AG 11 Apr 4Hardware Resources 11 Apr 4NVIDIA DRIVERS 9.10.0513 11 Apr 4Toolbar Icons. Icon Sets for Toolbars 11 Apr 3View Standard Toolbar Icons with Error Icon, Problem Icon, Warning Icon 11 Apr 3All Toolbar Icons 2010.1 (Windows), from Aha-soft - Free Downloads on ZDNet | Shareware, Trialware, Evaluation Software 11 Apr 11 Apr 2Standard Transport Icons. 3d Images, Car Icons, 3d Taxi Icon Images 11 Apr 2CDW - I
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Audio Toolbar Icons for web design and software development. This audio icon set will help any UI designer of developer create an efficient,ergonomic and attractive user interface of a music or multimedia site or application.
Audio Icons for Toolbars
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Audio Toolbar Icons will help any UI designer of developer create an efficient, ergonomic and good-looking user interface of a music or multimedia program or website. The span of topics covered by this collection ranges from music playback, audio conversion and burning to optical media to managing multimedia items and connecting Bluetooth devices. Simply put, it’s a comprehensive solution for anyone working on a project of this kind.
Each icon comes in a number of resolutions for different areas of application (48*48, 32*32, 24*24, 20*20 and even 16*16 pixels), graphic formats (PNG, GIF, ICO and BMP) and states (disables, normal and highlighted). Crafted by the hand of a professional digital artist, they will be a true decoration of your website or application!
Audio Toolbar Icons
Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Images sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 94
Image quantity: 940
File quantity: 1504
Price: $99.95 / 79.95 EUR
Download demo
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Music note
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Burn CD
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CD-ROM drive
Convert sound
Audio con
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Posts about Simple Launcher written by thecake
Simple Launcher « Kuchenzeit
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@theCake's Blog
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Simple Launcher 2
2. June 2011
thecake Leave a comment
As some of you may know, I have done an application called ‘Simple Launcher’. It’s purpose is to provide an easy way to have a multitouch user interface to start other applications.
By pressing a small button on one of the controls it switches between container and bar-mode. In container-mode the user can drag’n’drop an application to a different container (or bar) and in bar-mode he can scroll through or launch applications. Empty containers will be remove automatically and new ones can be created via a button on the top. The user may also change the background by selecting a .jpg file. (Backgrounds are stored in ./Backgrounds and the selection is saved.)
Here is a video of the application running on a HP Touchsmart notebook:
Simple Launcher 2 Demo
As all of the controls used in Simple Launcher are derived from MS Surface you need to install the Surface Toolkit or at least it’s runtime, both available for download at:
Assuming you already have installed the MS Touch Pack for Windows 7 there are working shortcuts for Surface Globe and Surface Collage (as shown in the video).
You may also create you own shortcuts: just place a shortcut (.lnk) and a .png (with alpha channel) with the same name in a subfolder in ./Applications. Each numbered subfolder represents a container inside simple Launcher. You can use tools like BeCyIconGrabber (download) to ext
Or visit this link or this one